Wednesday 11 September 2013

Sept 11/13

To finish off....last night our pintxos were delish, as was the wine.
Today, after a fitfull sleep we ventured out at 9am for coffee and crossiants. YUM! Such great coffee, in small cups! Our bartender had also walked the camino in 1997 and proudly showed us his pilgrim passport and compestella! We left the coffee shop/bar to a most hearty Buen Camino ! After a short walk we found the train station that we will need tomorrow.  San Sebastion seems easy to navigate. We planned to purchase 2nd class tickets to Burgos but they were all sold out , we were able to get 1st class tickets for only 10 euros more, so we will see if the extra cost is worth it!
We had quite a long walk through the old town and on the promenade, weather was cloudy early on, but brightened up later in theday.  The bay is quite active in that there are small kayaks tossing and turning in the waves as they break on the shore.  Lots of surfers as well, all wearing wet suits.  The sand is so clean and incredibly smooth.
We visited a couple of cathedrals as well.
<We decided to have an authentic basque meal at lunch time, two kinds of fish, Dorado and Hake, both delicious, white fish, and a green salad which is basically lettuce, lovely bread, from what we understand the wheat here is not modified and could be the reason we love it so much !
We arrived back at our pension late afternoon and had a siesta till 6pm and then we were out again for the walk on the seafront, which if I havenĀ“t said truly gorgeous.  We had a delicious cold beer and walked some more. We ended up at a bar we had visited the night before, right outside the door of the cathedral and had the best tapas so far for supper....goat cheese, walnut salad, calamari, foie gras, prawns and vino tino and blanco!  The Best !  Seafood probably caught just hours previously.
A slow wander back to our pension, La Perla, the streets were quite a bit quieter than they had been at 6 when a full band with amps was playing beneath our window.
A cup of mint tea, some email and bed, for a 7am wake up. Tomorrow our walk begins.


At 11 September 2013 at 15:09 , Blogger Chris Green said...

Glad to hear that all is going well. Luckily dumpster diving is an unofficial sport in Vancouver so there shouldn't have been any problems there.

Happy Grandparents Day! (haha just got your text message while writing this comment)

Nolan and Carolyn send their love (and in Nolan's case music as well, whatever that means), and Fjola sends her love via ceaseless smiles.

Love you,

At 11 September 2013 at 20:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just finished painting and we really missed you all...we read your blog..and talked about your adventures...drank some prosecco and had a good productive session. Bev is doing another gorgeous pear, and Joan is doing a bigger totem pole painting for Dave. He was disappointed she was giving the other one to her boss. Joan had it framed beautifully in a silver frame.
I worked for three hours on Nolan and have it base coated and love it...too much fun. All the stress of the day just disappeared..great to have a brush in hand.
Your adventures sound wonderful. Just reading about the restaurants makes me hungry...and jealous. It sure sounds better than cafeteria food.
News from Calgary...things didn't work out and so they are staying put. :(
Life goes on. Baxter's daddy has opened his own wine agency and that is a new adventure, tres exciting. (Note the use of the French language.)
Bon Soir mon amis...good night my friends.
Judy xx

At 13 September 2013 at 05:33 , Blogger Unknown said...

Hello to you all. I received an email from Sandy which reminded me you were all on your way. The summer has rolled on here so warmly that I had forgotten you were off on another adventure. It sounds like all is going well so I hope that continues for you. Your descriptions of the food makes me want to board a plane to Spain. My thoughts are with you all. Best wishes for a wonderful journey. Stay safe and well with your senses of Humour intact. Xox Stephanie H


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