Sunday 15 September 2013

Sept. 14 Saturday

Some of us are sleeping well, some nights, some not so well, we seem to be all over the map.  Last night was a restless one for us all and at 3:15 Joanie woke us all up saying we had slept in !  Get up,!  It was 8Ñ15 she said, . In a dazed state we all go up until moments later she said oh so sorry, I read my clock upside down!  With great relief we all went back to  bed.  At 7am we rose again, dressed and put on preventative bandages.  Downstairs we had bread, jam, oj and coffee and bananax.  It was 8>:15 when we exited the case and headlights were not required.  WE love walking when it is cool.  The first km was flat and then we saw the strenuous hill in front of us.  The sign at the bottom said it was a 12 percent grade.  It looked like a mountain!  Already the sun was quite warm.  We had not choice so one foot after another we were off.  The view on the way up and at the top was beautiful, fields of sunflowers, hay, like a quitled carpet.  At the top everyone was taking photos and resting a little.  We walked along a plateau for about 100 meters and came to a sign that warned of an 18 percent descent,  it was very steep so we had to engage in  cross hill walking to save our knees.  On the descent and back on the flat the path went by fields of nodding sunflowers, they look for harvest now, heads bowed all facing the same way in their straight rows.

More to follow as im using hotel desk computer and must go......


At 16 September 2013 at 13:31 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mom and ladies! First comment from me, but I've been following along. Just had a busy last few days with several events for my 20th high school reunion. Tired now. Although I am sure not as tired as you all! The adventure sounds good so far. Keep your heads up!

Love Travis & fam.
(PS, will aim to get the kids to say hi via a youtube video soon)


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