Thursday 19 September 2013

Sept 19 THursday

THis morning we walked with a full moon in front of us and a rising sun at our backs.  The landscape slowly lights up in the most incredible shades of red and pink, we keep turning around to watch the changes.
We went off piste for coffee about 1 km, extra mileage!  Coffees and panier cookies were delicious.  Heading back to the camino a man out in his garaden pointe4d us to a shortcut for which we were grateful....but it took us past some barking dogs so back we went not wanting to chance their temperments.,
We took another road and got back on track still cutting of a little.  Earlier we had walked with an Auzzie couple from Adelaide, She was a potter and he had been in forestry.  It is always nice to talk to other pilgrims.  They had been in Vancouver for a short visit in the 90.s
We are all enjoying the mesita and were surprised at the bad rap it has been given. Being able to see a 360 degree view all around unobstructed is something you don´t see often..
We stopped in Reliegos at a bar called Elvis, run by a french fellow in a black beret, we had ham, cheese and our favourite limonade.
Another 6 km and we were in Mansilla de Las Mulas where we have two rooms in a hotel up up up up the stairs....not many elevators we have found.
Jans son Jonathan has been sending us quotes which are provoking thought, .....thanks Jonathan!
The four Pilgrims have a poem as well-

Pilgrims four we seek our quest
We walk the trail and then we rest
Sunrise to sunset we  carry on
Simple days help the troaubles be gone
We tend the blisters on our feet
So the many kilometers we can complete
Pilgrims look forward to news from home
Encouraging emails, quotes and special poems
We wake up refreshed for a new day
Friends, laughter and wisdom, we gather on ·the way ·

All for now.......thanks for reading !!....the 4 Ps


At 19 September 2013 at 14:01 , Blogger Jackie Worboys said...

Hi, Muriel,
I just caught up on a few days of your diary. I love the details, and feel as if I'm almost there, minus your hardy feet and courageous souls. Thanks for sharing.
We are enjoying a beautiful late summer day today, with Neil trimming the cedar hedge and taking a break by reading his book and having a cup of tea in the sun. No, wait-he's napping!!!
Loved your poem. Here's to more good adventures on the trail.

At 21 September 2013 at 11:29 , Blogger Kenny H said...

This is a beautiful entry. I love the poem! Trudge on ladies, the world is watching!


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