Wednesday 25 September 2019

Two Days Worth

First off.....I didn’t post yesterday as we had no wifi at our amazing resting place last night. It was out in the country off the Camino route. I will attempt a recap!
We were walking out of Pontevedra, late in the morning. An older fatherly type of guy was motioning to rapid Spanish ....we weren’t sure but thought he probably wanted to point us in the right direction for the Camino. After further pantomime We realized he was wanting us to see a large metal structure right in the middle of the street, it was the numbers 64.500 which was the exact distance to Santiago from that point. He looked so pleased when we “got” it and stopped to take a photo.  We find it is the old ladies and men who are happiest to see pilgrims and always wish us Bon Camino! Walking along the path we met a girl from Germany, she would now be known as “Germany” .  Joanie is the talkative one of our foursome ❤️And soon she is finding out this girls story and telling her ours. It makes for an interesting way to pas the time.  We walk with different people for a time then part ways. We stopped st an old abandoned church to change socks, bandaids and empty Little Rock’s from shoes.
Further on we stop at a cafe and meet up with an older guy we call “Alaska” . He’s not moving too fast. Walking on to San Amaro we phone our taxi pickup to be taken to our off route home for the night.  It was an estate turned into a Casa rural, still owned by the same family who owned it in the 1700’s.  Our rooms were lovely, made from converted stables, the only thing “stable” about them was the horse double doors. The grounds were idyllic and you could imagine what a grand life it was back in those days. There was a swimming pool, children’s swing set, peachier trees, fig trees, grapevines. There were 5 guests besides us four....the others were kiwis. We had a nice conversation with them out on the patio while drinking local wine.  We all were in the dining room for dinner at 8. Unfortunately this is where it was not so good! First course, gigantic mista salads were nice, second course was an inedible pork dish with chips. 🤭🤢 followed by a volcano cake. Sandy had chosen a scrambled egg dish which she really liked.....while 3 of had pork.

The next morning we took a taxi back to the bar in San Amoro where  we had been picked up the afternoon start our walk without a missed step!
Today the forecast was for a smidgeon of rain, a few drops materialized but that was it. It was warm with the occasional breeze. The route was through lots of vineyards and mostly flat, and not often on the road. A group of young men all dressed in army fatigues passed us at a quick pace and we noticed they were all carrying guns.  Other than more pilgrims heading for Santiago we saw lots of chickens , heard a lot of dogs and roosters, sheep, goats and large ducks, a  huge turkey and a few donkeys.
The kilometres were short today...approximately 20 to Caldas de Reis. We arrived in the town at about 1pm and crossed a bridge and into a bar at the waters edge for lunch. We ordered white wine, lemonade and water, octopus, tiny fried green salted peppers, squid, chorizo and bread. Two young girls from Holland arrived and we were updated on their last day or so walking.
We were to phone our accommodation when we were ready for pickup as our resting place was again at a Casa rural off site. Multiple phone calls were not answered so we called a taxi to take us to it. We arrived to find the hostess was not there as she was ill and had recruited her mother to look after us. Her mother did not answer the phone as she did not speak English! All ended well, a phone call to the daughter and we were reimbursed for our taxi. We love the big old Casa, the grounds , swimming pool, there used to be wine making as well, but unused now, we lugged our suitcases elevator. We did some hand laundry and hung it out the window to dry.
Three of the kiwis from last night as also here tonight. Dinner was at 7 and was a tender beef dish with potatoes and a tomato salad equally delicious. ....oh our started was the scrambled egg dish.  Dessert was like an Icelandic  skyr and was really good, Jan will make this for us when we are home.
Tomorrow we will taxi back to the Camino where we left off.....a short day 20kms.

Ps. I must make a correction.....on an earlier post while we were in Paris I erroneously had Van Morrison in a grave (he is still with us) it is Jim Morrison who lies in Paris.  Another post may have stated  we walked 50,000 kms....when it was actually 50,000 STEPS.


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