Saturday 21 September 2019

Saturday in Vigo

Today was a rest day!
We woke at the usual time....7:30 and did some laundry in the sink in our room. We went for breakfast about 10am in our hotel ...Hotel Junquera which is just outside the main pedestrian shopping street in Vigo.
It was raining quite heavily so we were feeling quite glad we were not walking! We took a taxi to the largest shopping mall in the area, it seemed like everyone had the same idea.
We scouted out the shops and bought a few things then had lunch and ice cream.  It was raining when we went out for the taxi, which appeared quickly.  It was my turn to pay so I sat in front. I’ve always been curious how the various locals learn English so I asked the driver a question in that regard .....he thought I was talking to the girls in the back initially! When he realized I was talking to him he burst into gales of laughter!! I had noticed his radio station was playing songs in English so asked if he learned English from the radio? This was apparent very funny! We had a little discussion about types of music...I asked if he knew the Beatles ....he did but liked the Rolling Stones. Anyway his English wasn’t very good but neither was my Spanish. I still believe the locals learn their English from the tourists and if they want to....from tv and radio. After all the Beatles and Rolling Stones don’t sing in Spanish.
We were still weary from our previous days hike so another rest before the evening. We made our way to an art museum where we discovered there was no exhibit,BUT a dance and acting class was on if we wanted to go....we did but it was basically a pantomime and when you don’t get the language.....not understood.
Back wandering the pedestrian shopping street Joanie was successful in a boot purchase. We had time for a glass of wi e at a sidewalk bar before the dinner hours started at 8:15.  Sandy had researched and found a restaurant that served Paella . We had a delicious  meal, met 4 pilgrims who had walked
in the torrential rain today.
A walk back to our hotel ended the day over, tomorrow it’s back to hiking..
Mur x


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