Saturday 7 September 2019

Lunch with the Relatives

What a day! A quiet morning then we got ready for the lunch! A phone call came from Elaine up north in Elgin......she, Craig and young Sophia were coming!  A 3+ hour journey and then a return trip. Helen and I (and Mike) were so pleased! We left the house at 2pm.....and already I forget the name of the restaurant was in Dalgety Bay.  It was sunny and there was a bit of a chill. The restaurant had a separate space with a table set for 20. Attending.....Moira, Sara and her dad Gordon , Craig and John, Brian, his daughter Stella and granddaughter Emma,We were joined by hubby and older daughter after her soccer game, Elaine, Craig and Sophia......Helen, Mike and me. Hope I haven’t forgotten anyone. 🤭 lots of chatter going on as it is a challenge to manage impromptu get togethers. My head was taking it all in and trying to remember the stories. Some got lost on the way and never made it!  Sometime after we had eaten a fabulous lunch there seemed to be “something” going on and I thought maybe a birthday as I saw a card down the table. Well, as it turned out the card was for me to wish me good luck on the rest of my holiday! I was a little choked up and couldn’t  read the card so saved it for later. I thanked them all in a few short words for making me so welcome. Next thing out comes a beautiful cake.....complete with an icing photo on top of Brenda, Moira, Helen and myself. Brenda we were sorry to miss you, I know you had a long standing engagement.  Helen has saved you a piece of cake.....a part with your picture on it.
I was truly touched at the warm welcome and thought put into the afternoon. ❤️
We left the restaurant about 5 o’clock and Craig, Elaine and Sophia came back to the house for tea and another little visit before the long drive home. Elaine, who is a very beautiful girl/woman bears a family resemblance to my younger self...I told her looking at me she might see her older self. Haha!
I really feel connected to them all now.  My family knows I felt a vacuum growing up with no cousins or real aunties as they were all here in Scotland.
We were all still so full from our lunch that we passed on dinner.
Helen and Mike did a little prep for their trip tomorrow and it was bed for us all.  I will be taking the train to town and later meeting 3 cousins for dinner.
Cherries the noo! Xo


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