Sunday 8 September 2019

Last day in Edinburgh

I can’t believe the time has gone in already!
This morning Mike and Helen were off on their holiday with Craig and John, going down toEngland to where Mike grew up. I was getting organized to go into Edinburgh.  I walked to the station, it’s called Dunfermline Queen Margaret as it is very near the hospital as opposed to Dunfermline Town which is the stop next to it. The walk to the station takes about 5 minutes or less so very convenient, and you’re in Waverley station within 30 minutes.
I made my way to George street to have a look at The Dome...beautiful..indeed as my sister said, definitely worth a look.  It was full of diners at lunch time. Back out on the street I walked another block to the Portrait Gallery on Queen street. Another absolutely stunning architectural marvel., the frescoes in the main entrance hall make one stand and stare.
Before I ventured into the gallery rooms I had lunch in the gallery cafe.....also a busy place. I had the best mushroom soup ever with a herbed scone. I had to “exit through the gift shop” so naturally I bought a book, then spent a couple of hours viewing and reading about Scottish portraits, Scottish artists, Scottish history often accompanied the portraits as it was the Earls, lords, Queens and government figures that were painted. The photography exhibit I found fascinating and I spent a lot of time viewing them. My artist girls, pearly girls ❤️, know how I love to paint women myself.
I left the art world and made my way to Princess street to get a bus to the Gyll, it is a shopping centre about 15 minutes away.  I was meeting my cousin Sandra there and we would drive to Queensferry to have dinner with her brother Andrew and sister Rina....neither of whom I had seen since I was 16. We were seated in a conservatory restaurant looking out at my favourite happens to be red and quite an icon in the world. 😁 Andrew had brought an envelope of old photos, some even of me and my brother and sister which my mother had sent to his mother. My favourite photo was of my granny, Auntie Chris and (neighbour) Mamie on a motorcycle with great granny in the sidecar. Priceless and in very good condition.
I have certainly spent a lot of time with family, which was just what I wanted to do!
I can’t thank everyone enough for how welcome they made me and how they took the time to come out and celebrate! Special thanks to Mike and Helen who welcomed me with open arms! They also insisted I do no work, no helping in the house!
I had a grand time with family.....that’s what it’s all about!
I forgot to mention that yesterday, a cruise ship sat under my favourite bridge and we found out it was the ship that our friends Ray and Lynda Stevenson were on. Tomorrow the Stevenson’s also go to Paris, my brother Cliff and his wife Mary will arrive in Paris and so will I .  Small world coincidences!
Goodbye Scotland till next time 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


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