Sunday 22 September 2019

From Vigo to Redondela Sep 22 Sunday

This  morning two of us (Jan and myself) had slept well, Sandy and Joanie had not.  Our hotel was in the old town although a modern hotel. Across the street was a disco, The young congregate there after late dining about the time we go to bed. These discos are extremely loud, seem  to be in buildings with no windows, large doors which are constantly opening so the occupants can come out and is deafening!  When we were leaving the hotel about 9 am we could see across the street young people were still standing outside smoking and drinking beer.  Seriously when do they sleep or work for that matter.
We left on our way, following yellow arrows out of town. We seemed to be gaining elevation, but gradually. Soon we were above the town with an amazing view of the red roofed houses below and the sea beyond.  We are becoming quite accustomed to the trail and today the temperature was perfect. The forecast was for rain and as we were leaving the hotel we stood undercover watching it, then it miraculously stopped!  We were lucky as the rest of the day was dry. There were many more pilgrims now as there is just 100km to Santiago, which is the minimum number of miles you must walk to receive a compestella from the official pilgrim office. Also we were in the area where several different routes converge. Sometimes we walked through wide forest paths, other times it was narrow winding roads by lovely and not so lovely houses. Below there was a bridge (Rando Bridge) in the same design as our port Mann bridge. In the port we could also see some structures which appeared to be in orderly rows, looking like rafts of some kind, nobody on the trail knew what they were, we eventually came across a local who spoke both English and Spanish and found out they were mussel farms.
At about 1 pm we came across a sign painted on the road directing us around a corner, up a steep incline for about 50 meters to a nice little cafe where we stopped for coffee. We were Back on the trail after about 40 minutes. Today our kms were only 16 so we were taking our time, we arrived early for checking into our Casa rural. We have stayed in this type of accommodation on previous caminos and were looking forward...very much to enjoying it today. We stopped at a bar for beer and then crossed the street to our Casa. To say we were disappointed is a bit of an understatement. This place was more of a hostel than anything we have stayed in, but what can you do! We did have two rooms with our own bathrooms but they were very bare bones. But we are pilgrims and make the best of it. After showers three of us walked into town to  see what there was to see. Lots of people, families out enjoying their Sunday, town is nothing special but ok. There is a large viaduct which is for  train travel, built in the Roman style, although not in Roman times as it didn’t look that old. After a glass of wine at an outdoor cafe we returned to our “hostel” to pick up Jan and we went for dinner. Dinner was a bit of a bust as it was an unappetizing plate of veal with French fries. We did enjoy fresh salad of lettuce, tomato and raw onion.....and the ever present fresh bread.
Back to our accommodation we played a few games of cards and called it a night. Tomorrow we have around 20km and forecast is mixed...maybe rain maybe sun. We are ready to move on.


At 23 September 2019 at 11:34 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, not the best it sounds but one for ten so far pretty good. I will never understand Spain's propensity for late late dining and frequent all night noisy drinking parties......?


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