Monday 9 September 2019

Arrived in Paris. Sept 9/2019

This morning it was raining in Scotland...first wet day since I got here.  Mike had arranged for his neighbour to drive me to the park and ride, just 5 minutes away by car so I could get the airport transport.  Bill insisted on driving me all the way to the airport, refused my offer of payment saying it was Scottish hospitality!  We had a conversation about Canada as he had visited North Vancouver several times having a cousin there. Again evidence of a small world.
Edinburgh airport is a nice manageable size, security line was not too slow and my flight took off a little early.
Joanie, Sandy and Jan were arriving from Vancouver close to the same time as my arrival from Edinburgh and we arranged to text each other as we were arriving in different terminals.   Passport control lines were quite long but actually moved quickly.  The girls were sitting just outside my gate when I came through.  We went outside to join the taxi line.  Soon we were in and heading to our hotel in rush hour traffic.   Our driver didn’t say too much at first, probably because I was talking so much. 🤭 the traffic was slow and the driver started pointing out the migrant refugees we were beginning to see on the roads, sitting on the cement barriers, on the grass laybys., more and more of them were approaching the slowed traffic looking for money. Next we were seeing tents....literally for miles! The tents were obviously supplied to them as they were all the same size and colour. There were hundreds of them and the people around them were all young men. Our taxi driver gave us a running commentary on the evils of the situation telling us how many millions, yes millions, there were and from which countries they had come. Even though he was mostly speaking French we got it! It was quite an eye opener as to what can happen with open borders, weak government and no ocean to cross. I feel sorry for life in Paris. 😢
We arrived at the hotel Castex in the Bastille area of the Mairas, plunked down our bags and went across the street to St Antoine’s restaurant.  We ordered a bunch of appetizers to share and a bottle of Rose’, then a walk around a couple of blocks, some herbal tea and sleep zzzzzzz we have a full day tomorrow. Grass doesn’t grow under the feet of pilgrims!



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