Friday 27 September 2019

2nd last day

Friday sept 27, we have breakfast and say goodbye to our hosts and the new Irish friends we met just yesterday .  Darryl and Wendy were at the door to wish us Bon Camino. We had such fun with them last night.
It was raining and we were wearing raincoats, our packs were covered and we were off.....driven 5 kms back to where we had stopped walking the day before......seemed silly as we would be passing by this exact same spot in about an hour!
Even though it was raining we were comfortable and walking at a leisurely pace as we did not have far to go today.
We came to the first coffee bar and it was very busy, due to the rain. Other than a bit of time besideba busy highway the route was quite pleasant through residential, vineyards and rural cornfields, sheep, pigs, goats and always chickens and roosters crowing.
We were reminded of our own health and full of gratitude when a couple of times today we saw a group of people traveling together, one of which was in a wheel chair, powered by his arms peddling, assisted by his friends pushing him up hills. We gave them a hearty clap at the top!
At our 14 km mark we stopped for a snack and chatted to an older Aussie couple who were also there, they were seemingly following the more spiritual route and and come last year but because the line up at the pilgrim office had over a two hour wait they had not gone to the cathedral! We told them it was not necessary to get a compestella before going to the we hoped this year they would make it!
We had hiked to Teo which is where the apostle’s disciples came in search of a burial place for their master.
The rain had stopped for the rest of the day but we were chilled to the bone by our sweaty clothes.
We were picked up by our transport and taken to our hotel gastronomic Casa Rosalia which is an
ancient farmhouse 14 kms from Santiago.
On arrival we showered and waited for the arrival of our suitcases.
Before dinner we sat in the garden by the pool for a glass of wine and played cards. When the waiter brought our wine, he knocked over a full glass of wine on the uneven cement table which covered Joanie on her pants, shawl and splashed on her face! The glass smashing to bits on the table and
 grass.  Joanie graciously told the server not to fuss, accidents happen!
We then went to the dining room for shared mussels, melon and prosciutto, salmon
and veal with ice cream for dessert. All accompanied by local vino tinto and blanco!
As an aside I must mention....two girls we had encountered a day before were also there and we had had a misunderstanding with some wifi info they seemed to take offence to.  Joanie asked if they had got on wifi and if they had the password? They were a bit dim and did not get the reference!  I guess you had to be there!!!
We has a great dinner, mussels, melon with prosciutto , veal with chips, (ever present) and salmon with salad, finishing with ice cream laced with some chocolate. We had a lot of laughs and retired for the evening before 11pm . Tomorrow is our last day walking the Camino. Then.,,.when we will fly to Amsterdam for a few days  before flying home to Vancouver .
Goodnight from the four our Irish friend calls us!


At 28 September 2019 at 08:14 , Blogger Unknown said...

I love following along with your adventures ! Enjoy your last day on the Camino !


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