Tuesday 24 September 2013

Tuesday, Sept 24/13

This morning we rose at 6 to prepare out  breakfast, boiled egg, melon, yogurt drink and water....
We were packed up and on our way by 7:10am.  It was dark, we stopped at a bank machine in town and were on the way again.  Soon it started to rain lightly and it was very muggy.  Up and down, hill and dale, no coffee for 13 km, 2 rests in fields.  We saw virtually our first wild animal....a black fox, previous to this we have only seen cows and the occasional horse.
The landscape is quite pretty, lots of corn and hay fields and very warm dispite the overcastsky.
Our lunch which we had in a field sitting on one of our emergency blankets was ham and cheese on plain cookies...wondering where our  bartender was! We watched a farmer operate a machine which took the corn out of the fields...a large combine type of thing...chopped down about 6 rows of corn at a time, chewed it all up and spit it into a trailer....I guess it is for the cattle.
We walked through many villages with no services and little people about, but many barking dogs, thankfully all fenced in, except for one german shephard who barked at us from the roof of the shed! We thought the best thing to do was not look him in the eye and press on together.
We came upon a farmer and his wife with a wheelbarrow, over flowing with corn and carrying a plastic bag full of fish. They were ok with me taking a photo and then they wanted me to try pusing the barrow....it was heavy and I nearly dumped it over. The farmers little wife took hold of the barrow handles and pushed it up the hill!
We walked and walked some more to Santa Marina where we had a look at the accomodation....20 bunks in a room....nada! We ordered beer and had dthe alberque man call a pickup to take us to a hotel which is of the trail.  We have a room for 4 with our own bathroom....for 18.50 each, that is about as ruffing it as we like to get. The hotel will transport us back to the Camino to start our walk again tomorrow.


At 24 September 2013 at 11:27 , Blogger Ainsley said...

Wow- I can't believe you're almost done... I'm getting emotional for all of you, loL!!!
Too bad you didn't get to walk with Oprah- you would have shown her what real pilgrims look like; blister masters and beer drinkers!
Enjoy the last km's.

At 26 September 2013 at 07:51 , Blogger Kenny H said...

Smart move girls! You had a far nicer rest in the hotel. Seeing the was cool and I love the idea of the dog guarding the house from the roof. It sounds like you choice in foot ware was better this trip. I'm so glad you've had a pleasant hike. It's something I would have enjoyed when I was in better shape. Skool and enjoy your beer!

At 26 September 2013 at 07:52 , Blogger Kenny H said...

Seeing the Fox. I don't know what happened there.


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