Saturday 28 September 2013

Sept 27, 2013 Taxi to Muxia/Santiago

This morning after breakfast we met our hired cab for the drive to Muxia.  Seems strange to be in a car again and so much faster than walking.
Muxia has an historical signifigance as it is said the virgin Mary appeared to St James at the edge of the sea and told him to spread the word.  Consequently right on the point stands a huge church, quite far out of town, this is unusual because churches are usually in the center of the towns.  It is a truly picturesque setting, an ancient church with the sea pounding all around it.  There is also a walk up a hill where you can look down on the church, the sea, the village and feel the wind blowing you to bits.  We are so lucky to have this experience.  We had some other pilgrims take our photo right on the same spot Martin Sheen and his fellow pilgrims had theirs taken in the movie ¨"the way".
Then it was back to the taxi for the 2 hr drive into Santiago.  Our driver was a nice older man who spoke Spanish, German, French and a little English, it was a laugh conversing with him.
We arrived about 1¨30 checked into Hotel Compestella, freshened up and went out for lunch.  Food was good, a little more expensive now we are in the city.  Afterwards we checked out the Zara store for a little retail therapy and then had a rest in our rooms.  We were going to mass  at the cathedral at 7:30 and planned to be there early for a seat.  We got there just before 7 and had to sit on the floor but we were near the front.  The pilgrims mass, we had experienced in 2011 and it was the same.  The tiny little nun singing in her angelic voice in the acoustically fabulous cathedral was magic.  The priest called out all the countries, towns, that pilgrims had arrived from today, as when you arrive in Santiago and have walked a minimum of the last 100 km you can get a compestella. We heard Canada mentioned a few times.  The finale is the swinging of the butefumerio, and the smell of the coals inside it burning, which in days gone by was to calm the smell of the unwashed pilgrims who had arrived and slept in the church.
Back out in the streets of Santiago for pincos (tapas) beer, wine and sangria, yes we had them all !!!!!
A great day!!!!despite the rain!!
Tomorrow we have early flights to far flung places!  Beun Camino to all of you who are following our journey.  We thank you for your love and support!

The Four Pilgrims, Muriel, Joanie, Jan and Sandy xxxx


At 28 September 2013 at 15:32 , Blogger Kenny H said...

Thank you for once again sharing your journey with us. Have a pleasant rest of your journey and will be awaiting your safe return. Love to all. <3

At 28 September 2013 at 15:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations, mum and fellow pilgrims! We're all proud of you for completing the journey again. Looking forward to hearing about how this time differed from the last.
Trav, Sian, Sofia, Sam.


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