Tuesday 24 September 2013

Monday Sept 23 HMMMMM

Hmmm, not sure what happened.....Spanish computers ....I had started this entry and all of a sudden it said close so Im not sure if I am repeating.....
Lovely coffee, cheese, juice, brown toast, apples, bananas and oranges this morning for our breakfast.  The Moule Hotel is very modern and very white, so clean, as some of our stays have not been so!  We left late, walked to the cathedral and went in to hug St. James (tradition) and say prayers for Bob and everyone else who is ailing.
The road out of Santiago was uphill but it was a wooded trail reminding us of our training days in the North Shore forests.  At the top of the hill we looked back at Santiago to see the spires of the  cathedral above the morning mist.  Soon we came to a choice of path......and we took the wrong one. Not too far along I waved to a farmer plowing his field and he indicated we should go back....wrong trail.  Jan and Sandy saw 2 snakes on the path, both saying they were glad I hadn´t noticed them....me too!
We stopped for limonade as it was warm. Sock change as well.  A foot update.... Sandy and I are the only ones with actual bllisters and they are minor.  Jan is basically on prevention as is Joanie. So good news!
The rest of our km today were pretty brutal.  We did 7km uphill on a lot of payement and the temperature was 31 degrees.  Wataer in our packs  became very warm.
I keep forgetting to mention...days ago when we were back on the mesita we heard Oprah was taping a show on ¨the way¨and was at the start in St. Jean Pied a Port and was moving ahead to different towns, we thought it might be that she could be in Santiago when we were ...but she was not.  If she does a tv show about it, we can just imagine how busy the trail will get!  Good thing for us we will have done our camino.
We have arrived at our destination for today, Nerjeira and immediately sat our sweaty butts down and drank large beers. (It´s the heat, for none of us are beer drinkers at home) Laundry and showers could wait.  Pilgrim dinner is at 8pm and before that we will hit the supermercado for tomorrows food as there are not many services ahead.
Dinner was our very best pilgrim dinner so far, salad was so fresh, tomatoes must have been picked today.  We had very decent spagettie and the best hake and chips....also the best chips so far, we think they dress them with olive oil after they fry them as they as usually oily!  We had 2 bottles of wine, a white, for which I had to ask for ice, I was trying to make the b artender aware I wanted ice via pantomine, and he spoke perfect engllish!  The red wine was also very good....all this for 10 euros each.


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