Friday 27 September 2013

Last Day....Walking

We left Hotel Larry at 8>45 and stopped for breakfast in the next village, Corcubione we had a view down a narrow street of the church.  We met a couple, Ron and Jenny from Tasmania who were very nice. They had stayed in the Posada that we meant to go to and said it was fabulous.  We were on our way to Finisterre, the weather was good and the scenery beautiful but terrain very up and down to the beach and back to the hills again.  There was a welcome brisk breeze and quite a few pilgrims leaving at the same time....the path twisted through some high walls and was very narrow, and was climbing, once out to the wider path we could see the red roofs and the ocean beyond, a few sheep grazing in the ferns and also a couple of horses.  There are a lot of Corn silos, we call them corn churches as they look like miniture churches with a cross structure at one end and a spire at the other. The corn for the animals is kept there.
Sandy and I having some foot issues. Jan's feet also tired, Joanie didnt have any foot complaints.
It seemed like we would never get there, we walked about 1 km right on the sand while the ocean crashed in and rolled to within inches of our boots.  It was such a thrill to be at the Atlantic Ocean as this was really the end of the world.  We became beachcombers, taking a few pretty shells.
Back through the streets to our posada, which is at the far end of town, Finisterre being built along the shore.  We dumped our packs and went out for a seafood feast, some fish we had never even seen before, one looked like a worm in a long shell!  Joanie thought it must be some type of clam!  We all did try it, and it wasn't bad if you could get over the look of it! All washed down with 2 bottles of wine and agua.
Next we hiked another 2 km to the lighthouse, which is referred to as the end of the earth as the early explorers thought it was.
The wind whips around the point, there are lots of people there, taking photos, we met a few pilgrims we had seen along our camino.  We all took photos of each other.  There was a hungarian fellow who had walked from Budapest, he was sitting in the rocks drinking champagne looking out to sea, another fellow was burning his clothes, and lots of others had left shoes, boots and clothes on a pilgrims alter. Then we met up with the 2 English ladies, Judith and Katherine, who we had seen a few days back on the trail and did not expect to see again.  We had a beer with them while they had tea.  Back down the hill to our posada pensione to refresh and to go down to the  beach for snacks not dinner,  as we are still full from our lunch.
We walked down to the beach in the dark with the chilly wind coming off the ocean, found a bar and had two very Canadian pizzas.
Tomorrow is the beginning of a new day and we have organized a taxi to take us to Muxia then to Santiago for the grand price of 100 euros all together.  Muxia is an historical town where we will have a half hour visit on the way to Santiago.
Perhaps a FINAL camino post tomorrow.
love the 4 P's


At 27 September 2013 at 08:13 , Blogger Kenny H said...

Hurrah! I'm very proud of you and your team! Once again you have met the challenge. Enjoy your well earned rest. I'll check later to see if there are any further postings. Love and hugs to you all!

At 27 September 2013 at 12:25 , Blogger Chris Green said...

Congratulations on finishing ladies! Quite the accomplishment. Enjoy the rest of your time there with some shopping, sightseeing and by all means relaxing. Oh and maybe utilize taxi's a bit more often and give your feet a well deserved rest.


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