Saturday 21 September 2013

Friday Sept 20713

THis morning we were not in a rush to leaave as we had 14 km to Leon according to our ¨book.  We walked about 10 total, the advice was not to walk the last 8 km as it was pavement all the way, very hard on the feet, traffic and totally uninspiring. 
Our 2nd last stop was for coffee and breakfast at a roadside alberque/cafe/bar.  We ordered cheese omelets which came on a baquette with delicious stretchy cheese and sliced tomato!  Truly wonderful along with coffee con leche and oj.  The proprietors were so friendly and as we were not rushing off to get to Leon we lingered, they wee playing wonderful uplifting orchestra type music.  Soon the lady of the alberque brought us out some tiny sherry glasses and pured us a shot of a great liquor (we had tasted it in 2011, but forget what it is called) some traditional drink she said would give us energy to walk!  She couldn´t speak English and our Spanish was rudimentary but we enjoyed our converse!  As always pilgrims visit the loo on the way out and when I came in looking for the facilities I indicated by a little swinging dance that I liked the music...another pilgrim did as well and we had a small arm twirl together hahahahing! Outside again we all wished each other buen camino, us 4 girls and the 3 fellows from Spain, Germany and Boston.  People from all over the world are here walking ¨the way¨of St. James.
We trudged on another 4 km, sun getting warmer to the next stopwhere we had limonade and called a taxi to take us the last 4km to our parador in Leon.  This parador is the flagship of them all.  The size and stunning beauty is so difficult to convey with mere words (Jeff, we must return here!) You must see this place !  It is so amazing.  All the pilgrim girls are feeling the same emotion and awe.
We left our bags with the concierge as our rooms were not ready and went out for lunch.  Across the ancient arched brick bridge for salmon salad, calamari, garlic prawns and crusty bread and vino blanco.  Our waiter then brought us a complimentary was the same traditional green coloured liquor, only this time instead of a shot glass each he gave us a small bottle which amounted to 3 shots each!  Then it was back to our parador to rest before heading out again.  Out again at about 7pm we walked by the hotel we stayed at in 2011 and realized we are here again on the exact same weekend this time. 
We had tasty pasta at an outdoor restaurant in the plaze San Isidora where we had seen an incredible light show on the facade....and we will see it again tomorrow.
The locals, tourists and pilgrims were out for tapas and socializing, it was a fine warm night and we enjoyed walking around and watching the scene and got back to our hotel at 12PM.


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