Thursday 26 September 2013

Arrived and Survived

Last nights dinner was best forgotten, this mornings breakfast was the usual.  Our alberque host drove us back to the camino trail and dropped us at a covered bus stop where we donned our packs and rain ponchos.  Wind was calm, temperature warm, so we set off in light rain.  After 5 km we stopped for coffee, rain a bit heavier but a pleasant change from the previous heat.  This terrain is quite beautiful, low stacked walls like you find in England, eucalyptus trees with purple heather and another yellow flower bush growing below like a thick ground cover.  We were enjoying the  change and had 15 km to go with no services
The heavy mist in the air turned to heavier rain and blustery winds, at times knocking us sideways.  We were glad of our poles to steady us.  I was disappointed that today would not  be a photo day as my camera would have been destroyed in the rain.  We came across a great monument, it was a cross atop a 30 ft post and all around the bottom pilgrims had left a stone, there were literally hundreds of different stones all piled up.  The ground at times was very rocky underfoot, and some lake like puddles to get around.  \
As the day went on we got wetter and wetter, only our feet were dry!  a testament to leather boots i Say!!  We wondered how pilgrims in runners were faring today!
It seemed like we would never get to Cee which was 21 km today.
Jeff, Donna, and maybe Drew if you are reading the was a day reminisent  of our walk in Butterton in the north of England!
We stopped once to rebandage Sandys blister and again to eat some cheese and cookies.  By this time our fingers and hands were so wrinkled from rain it looked like we had spent over long in the bath.
WE wish!  One neat thing, early in the day...for about half a mile we were walking over rocks that were the color of jade or emeralds, we each chose a small one to bring back home. We have arrived at Hotel Larry, weird name and a bit old fashioned but its ok.  Showers never felt so good as we peeled our clothes off~!
We had a walk to the Atlantic ocean which is snear our hotel, a glass of vino and then dinner and bed.


At 26 September 2013 at 23:20 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Early prep for the Vancouver rainy season when you get home! -Trav

At 27 September 2013 at 08:04 , Blogger Kenny H said...

I'll bet those warm showers felt great. Almost done. Time to read the next entry.

At 27 September 2013 at 08:07 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done ladies! Enjoy your well deserved rest up.....more beer/wine perhaps?! See you soon.



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