Thursday 25 August 2011

Finding A Stone

Traditionally pilgrims have carried a stone with them on their journey, to be left in Santiago as a symbol of some kind.
An anonymous quote I read in  Tim Moore's book "The Spanish Steps":  (Thank you Susan, the book is hysterically funny)
"Hardness of heart and selfishness, these are your stones; leave them at Santiago"

Walking such great distances will inspire a great deal of reflection, solitary and shared. I think it will be hope, kindness, forgiveness, peace, thankfulness and other altruist thoughts we will leave with our stones when we reach Santiago.

I know one stone will be small and very light as it will be carried a very long way, and I think it will be smooth and white. 

Monday 22 August 2011

Rainy Day Hike

Today was the day we could test our rain gear.....except that we didn't have it yet!  We decided to hike anyway....Lynn Headwaters Park.  We got absolutely drenched.  What was worse was that Joanie's boots leaked, her waterproofed leather gortex boots; and not just a little bit, they positively sloshed!  Other than that major disappointment the hike itself was a gentle walk in the rain to Rice Lake and back.  The forest was beautiful and quiet, only fools and ducks out today. We are confident once we have our rain ponchos, which cover us and our packs we will be ready for anything.

Friday 19 August 2011

Pilgrims Prayer

May I love this day and all that it brings
The dust, stones or mud beneath my feet
The air I breathe, food I eat, water I drink

May I open my heart to mysteries along the way
Greet fellow pilgrims with welcome and grace
Move lightly and simply through the day

May I give thanks for the Earth, our fragile home
For all my relations who have gone before me
And for all who will follow....I am not alone

May the spirit and blessing of the One who is Love
-Holy One among us, all around us, and within us -
Be with me today, and surround me with love.

Friday 12 August 2011

Training hike aug 15 mosquito creek 8am